Wayang Kulit Shadow Theatre Performance Puppet "Karna"


This magnificent artwork is the actual FULL-SIZE Shadow Puppet manipulated by the Dalang (puppeteer) of the Wayang Kulit shadow theatre play and is entirely hand made. The body of the puppet is made of intricately carved and colorfully painted water-buffalo leather. The Puppet is carved and painted by a highly skilled artisan in Indonesia. The center handle and manipulating rods are carved from the water buffalo horn. The Puppet will greatly enhance any living room decor, bedroom decor, kitchen decor, hallway. decor or office decor.

This image shows the Dalang in action. Shadow theaters are orchestrated by the Dalang (puppet master) who manipulates the puppets and creates the speech, accents and sounds according to age and gender of the character. The Dalang is also a composer, improviser, producer, orator, singer, choirmaster, dance master and stage manager.

Karna was born to unmarried teenager Kunti, who abandons the new born Karna in a basket on the Ganges River. He is adopted and raised by foster parents working for the king. Karna grows up to be an accomplished warrior, a gifted speaker.

Wayang means “puppet” and Kulit means “leather”.

Approximate height including stand: 28 inches (71 cm)

(Please note: each of these items is hand made, and therefore unique. Small
imperfections and differences are normal in items, which are not mass-produced or machine made)

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