Wayang Art Business Card & Memo Holder


This elegant rectangular Wayang Art Business Card & Memo Holder is made of resin-impregnated wood with intricately patterned Wayang motif in Pewter on the lid of the business card compartment. Both compartments have a soft fabric base.

Many of our customers purchase and arrange desktop items in sets for a spectacular display. The container set will enhance any living room decor, bedroom decor, kitchen decor, hallway. decor or office decor.

"Wayang" is a Shadow Puppet depicting characters from Hindu mythology

Approximate dimensions: 1 x 4.5 x 7 inches, 3 x 11 x 18 cm

(Please note: each of these items is hand made, and therefore unique. Small imperfections and differences are normal in items, which are not mass-produced or machine made. Each container is unique and will have differing art patterns)

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