Ornamental Wayang Kayu - Five Brothers (SET)


These puppets are ornamental Wayang Kayu and are entirely hand made. The bodies of the puppets are made of intricately carved albesia wood painted in soft earth tones. The Puppets are carved and painted by a highly skilled artisan in Indonesia. The arms and manipulating rods are fully functional.

The Pandawa Lima (five brothers) Yudistira, Arjuna, Bima, Sadewa and Nakula are sold in a set for a spectacular display. The Puppets will greatly enhance any living room decor, bedroom decor, kitchen decor, hallway. decor or office decor.


Yudistira is the oldest of the 5 Pandawa brothers and is semi-divine and is a model leader, never lying or showing anger and rules his kingdom with perfect justice. He possesses no weapons, but does have the Kalimasada, a holy text containing the secrets of religion and the universe.

Arjuna The third son of Pandudewanata, the King of Hastinapura was a famous handsome ksatria (knight). He had powerful magical abilities and was highly skilled in archery and battle.

Bima is generous and loyal but colossally strong and ferocious warrior. Bima also has the ability to fly.

Sadewa twin brother of Nakula Is a true ksatria (knight). He is wise, honest and good in martial arts especially with swords.

Nakula twin brother of Sadewa is a true ksatria. He is wise, honest and good in martial arts especially with the swords.


Approximate size: 10 inches tall, the figures alone are over 8 inches.

(Please note: each of these items is hand made, and therefore unique. Small imperfections and differences are normal in items, which are not mass-produced or machine made).

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