Batik Wayang "Shinta" & Flowers Jewelry Container


Asian Jewelry Box

This magnificent container is an Asian jewelry box manufactured in Phenolic Resin. The container is beautifully dye-painted by an Indonesian artisan with Batik Wayang (shadow puppet) "Shinta" & Flowers artwork. The intricacy and detail in the painting and vivid colors make this a spectacular item.

Colorful and practical, this Asian jewelry box portrays a classic characterization from the art of the ancient Wayang shadow puppet shows that originated in Indonesian and Javanese cultures. Dramatic stories are told using the shadows cast by the puppets on the puppeteer’s side of an opaque screen or hanging sheet, the audience observes on the other side.. Some of these theatre performances continue for hours, even days.

The puppets characters and their images in the shadow play remain very popular to this day. The shadow puppet play represents an early historical expression in theatrical form, including visual, voice and musical art.

The container of this Asian jewelry box with the depiction of the Wayang shadow puppet of the character “Shinta” has a smooth texture over the entire surface. The circular lid (top) is lifted to reveal the compartment inside suitable for safekeeping jewelry or storing small items. In addition to the image of the female Wayang puppet character, the base and lid of the box are adorned with colorful designs and patterns of traditional Batik. A mix of shapes, patterns, and colors combine for an attractive piece that will fit seamlessly among other works of a similar style or as a stand-alone item to hold jewelry or other valuable personal belongings.

Batik relates to the artwork and the ancient Indonesian Javanese philosophies of life and the artwork used in textiles and artisan wood carving.

Approximate Dimensions: 6.0 inches tall x 3.5 inches in diameter, 15 x 9 cm

(Please note: each of these items is hand made, and therefore unique. Small imperfections and differences are normal in items, which are not mass-produced or machine made. Each container is unique and will have differing art patterns)

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