Wall Decor are masks, made of hand carved wood with intricately hand dye-painted Batik motif. The Batik process creates a velvety cloth like texture over the entire surface of the mask. The mask will enhance any living room decor, bedroom decor, kitchen decor, hallway, decor or office decor. See our Masks

Topeng means mask or dance mask and mask-theater.

Batik relates to the artwork and the ancient Indonesian Javanese philosophies of life and the artwork used in textiles and artisan woodcarving.

Attaching Masks to a Wall
Every mask has a string or cord in a loop on the back for attachment. Simply install a hook to your wall as you would for hanging a picture and place the loop in the hook.


Wayang Kulit

Puppets of the Wayang Kulit (Leather Shadow Puppet) shadow play are entirely hand made. The body of the puppet is made of intricately carved and colorfully painted water buffalo leather. The center handle and manipulating rods are carved from the water buffalo horn.

Wayang Kayu

These puppets are ornamental Wayang Kayu (Wooden Shadow Puppet) and are entirely hand made. The bodies of the puppets are made of intricately carved albesla wood painted In soft earth tones. The arms and manipulating rods are fully functional.

Attaching Puppets to a Wall
Puppets may be placed in their stands or wall mounted. The Wayang Kayu Wooden Shadow Puppets are extremely fragile and must be handled with care.
Please DO NOT TRY TO STAPLE or NAIL the Wooden Shadow Puppets to a wall – they will break.
All the Puppets have natural openings at various locations on the artwork. Simply install a hook to your wall as you would for hanging a picture preferably in at least two locations coincident with the natural openings on the puppet and carefully hang the puppet on these hooks. Position the arms and actuating rods as desired and secure in the same way.

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