Dewi Artisans International was inspired by Dewi Sianturi. Ms. Sianturi is a member of the Toba Batak tribe who reside near Lake Toba in the highlands of North Sumatra, Indonesia. At Dewi Artisans International we sell hand-made goods from throughout Asia, although the predominant source of our products is from the Archipelago of Indonesia, in Southeast Asia.

We have offices in Jakarta Indonesia, and Orlando Florida USA. Our designers and buyers are in our Jakarta office. Our Orlando office distributes products and provides customer service.

Our focus is on Product Quality, Customer Service and Business Integrity.


Our products are genuine not cheap imitations. The products are made predominantly in Indonesia, by artisans using traditional methods, working with natural materials. This is the only kind of artisan made product you can buy at Dewi Artisans International.

Our buyers are native Indonesians, are highly skilled and capable and they know and understand the local culture. Our buyers continuously travel great distances to search out and to accept only products are of the highest quality available.


Dewi Artisans International strives to provide the highest quality in customer service. We treat our customers with the greatest courtesy and absolute respect. We understand that a happy customer means a long-term customer, and a satisfied customer recommends us to others.


We deal only with manufacturers and suppliers, who care about their workers, and Artisans pay decent wages and provide a clean & safe working environment. When you purchase our hand-made products you will also receive an informative pamphlet about the history and culture associated with the product.

 A portion of each and every sale is provided to charitable organizations fighting poverty and disease throughout the world.

If you would like additional information our friendly customer service consultants will be happy to assist, please contact: