Mask Topeng Batik Panji Wall Decor (multi color)


This magnificent Wall Decor is a mask, made of hand carved Albesia wood with intricately hand dye-painted colorful Batik motif. The Batik process creates a velvety cloth like texture over the entire surface of the mask. The mask has a variety of designs.

The mask will enhance any living room decor, bedroom decor, kitchen decor, hallway. decor or office decor.

Topeng means mask and mask theater.

Batik relates to the artwork and the ancient Indonesian Javanese philosophies of life and the artwork used in textiles and artisan woodcarving.

According to legend Panji was a prince in East Java Indonesia whose life became the basis for many Javanese stories. Panji tales have been the inspiration of Indonesian Traditional Dances including Topeng (mask) dance.

Panji tales originating in East Java Indonesia have become a fundamental source for literature and drama throughout Southeast Asia.

Approximate Dimensions  H 10.6" W 8.2" D 5.1" (H 27 cm W 21 cm D 13 cm)

(Please note: each of these items is hand made, and therefore unique. Small
imperfections and differences are normal in items, which are not mass-produced or machine made. Each mask is unique and will have different art patterns)

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