Trends in Asian Home Decor

The appeal of Asian home décor has never been more popular as people look to absorb the serenity and calm that emanates from Asian-style interior design elements. So many trends in interior design are fads that come and go quickly as people move on the next one. Home design and decorations that celebrate Asian culture have staying power; no other trends can match.


At Dewi Artisans International, we offer authentic works of art that are made primarily in Indonesia by talented artists that take advantage of traditional techniques and style using natural materials.


Recent Trends in Asian Home Décor

Dewi Artisans International keeps up and helps to set the most recent trends in Asian home décor and Oriental wall décor. The following are examples of some of the most popular items that will give any room in your home or office a classic look that adds style, class, and Asian sensibility.


Wall Décor Masks

Wall décor masks are a popular and effective way to enhance any room or hallway in your home. Dewi Artisans International offers a variety of Oriental wall décor that encapsulates ancient Indonesian Javanese philosophies through beautiful artwork using artisan woodcarving and expert craftsmanship.


Asian Boxes, Containers

Asian artistry has been responsible for creating stunning representations of Asian home décor through jewelry boxes and other decorative containers of all sizes and uses. These rich ornamental items often come in pairs or sets that offer subtle yet powerful displays throughout the rooms of your home.



Using mirrors as interior decoration elements add depth and structure to the rooms of your home. Hand mirrors of Asian home décor available at Dewi Artisans International are handcrafted, with creative and varying patterns that make each piece a unique interior design work. These are primarily decorative mirrors.


Office Accessories

The appeal and popularity of Asian home décor extend to offices and other places of business. Desktop items and Oriental wall décor add elements of style and the serenity of Asian interior design. Wayang business card/memo holders and desk organizers available at Dewi Artisans


International will enhance the look and feel of your office. Each container, desktop item, and wall hanging are handcrafted by talented Indonesian artists and sold in sets.


Why Choose Dewi Artisans International?

Established by Dewi Sianturi, Dewi Artisans International sells only the highest quality, original handmade goods and Asian home décor that provide your home with soothing, appealing, authentic works of art that add style, class, and peace to any room.


Ms. Sianturi is a proud member of the Toba Batak tribe that inhabits the highlands of North Sumatra in Indonesia. A percentage of all sales goes to help charitable organizations that fight poverty and disease around the globe.


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