8 Indonesian-Inspired Ways to Decorate Your Home

Indonesia with 270 million people is the fourth most populous country in the world. Indonesia is a tropical country that straddles the equator to the north and south and occupies 17,500 islands of which 6,000 are populated. Indonesia has hundreds of cultures and languages but one national language “Bahasa Indonesia.” Cultural diversity has resulted in magnificent Indonesian decor for home design and decorating solutions. From Oriental wall decor to Javanese Wayang shadow puppets, the following Indonesia-inspired decorating ideas will brighten your home and add some exotic Indonesian charm.

1. Wayang Puppets

Handcrafted Wayang puppets both ornamental and actual full-size performance puppets for the Indonesian shadow puppet theater are perhaps the most identifiable of the Indonesian art and home decoration options available today. Many Indonesian people have shadow puppets as beautiful decorations to bring love, happiness, balance, and harmony in their homes. These Wayang puppets add some exotic Indonesian charm and authentic culture to modern home decorating designs.

2. Indonesian Wooden Masks for Oriental Wall Décor

Indonesian wooden masks from the Topeng dance culture add character and mystique to oriental wall décor. These masks are made of hand carved wood with intricately hand dye-painted Batik motif. In many of the masks, the Batik process creates a velvety cloth like texture over the entire surface of the mask. Detailed carvings and faces with distinct personalities represent the characters of the Wayang shadow puppet theaters bring authentic culture intrigue and style into any room.

3. Indoor Plants

Indonesia is a tropical paradise with large swaths of lush evergreens and other greenery that grows naturally wild throughout the country. Many residents in Indonesia enjoy growing plants, shrubbery, and even small gardens inside. Indoor plants allow even the most congested urban residence a bit of nature and the feel of Indonesian culture. Orchids are among the most popular flowers that are associated with the natural beauty of Indonesian decor.

4. Wicker Accessories

Indonesians have made great use of wood for home furniture and accessories for centuries. Wicker rugs are practical alternatives to carpeting. Wood wicker is also used to create attractive ornaments for home decorating purposes. Pillows and baskets are also popular accessories to add an Indonesian flair.

5. Natural Light

One of the highlights for visitors and natives of Indonesia is the overabundance of warm, comforting sunlight that shines throughout most days all year long. Large glass plate windows and sliding glass doors and shutters allow the sun to shine inside the home to give it a tropical look, even in cooler days outside.

6. Batik Style Asian Home Decor

Batik textiles have been an important part of the Indonesian culture and Asian home decor since early in the 12th century. The intricate, detailed repeating patterns and designs are dipped into dyes that create a wax on the fabric. When the fabric is cleared of the wax, the patterns remain to form stunning artwork. Batik patterns are also  painted on to wooden masks, pottery, and other home decorating items.

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