Indonesian Inspired Home Decor Tips

Indonesian decor in your home, office, or any suitable location will enhance your living space with the rich culture of Indonesia. Say goodbye to drab decorations and hello to the elegant natural aesthetics of the Indonesian dwelling place. Hand-carved wood, colorful traditional motifs, exquisite wall ornaments enhance any space with traditional and organic materials. Here are some ideas influenced by the rich artistic and cultural heritage of Indonesia:

The Archipelago of Indonesia is home to lush greenery, scenic hiking spots, the beautiful cities of Bali and Jakarta, and is a travel destination for eager adventurers and world travelers. Indonesia is both the largest island country and the most populous country in the world. It hosts hundreds of cultures and languages, which have resulted in glorious Indonesian decor for home inspiration, design, and solutions.


Tip #1: Earthy Tones and A Lot of Indoor Plants

Indonesia is known for its lush greenery and scenic views, and its earthy pleasures extend right into their home decor. Indonesian inspired home solutions involve a lot of earth tones and open spaces. Minimalism is a big aspect of its home decor because it can be appreciated for its beauty when extravagancies are stripped away, and its simplicity is laid bare. One perfect way to emphasize the natural beauty of a minimalist home is with plenty of plant decorations.


Indoor plants have several benefits beyond making a space cuter. They also clean the room’s air and improve the homeowners’ happiness and mood. With a clearer mind and cleaner air who wouldn’t go crazy for this simple home decor tip?

Tip #2: Handmade Ornaments for your Home Decor

At Dewi Artisan International, we sell fine authentic handmade goods from Indonesia and across Asia. High-quality Indonesian goods are necessary for completing the home inspiration because they capture Indonesia’s materials, techniques, and styles in an object of art.


  • Wayang Puppets are perfect for any room - Traditional shadow theater Wayang puppets are perfect for completing an Indonesian inspired space. They are a striking decor piece because the attention paid to the details of the puppet. From its expressions to its textiles’ patterns, the Wayang Puppets are a must for Indonesian home decor.
  • Topeng Dance wall decor masks will brighten up your spaces - The Indonesian wall decor masks are a popular item because of their intricate patterns and velvety exterior. Hanging these up in a living room or say a hall way will keep your home clutter free but still alive with the culture of Indonesia’s batik patterns.
  • All wicker everything - Wicker hanging ornaments and wicker chairs are already an attractive option for most home styles, but they are an absolute must for Indonesian inspired homes.

    Tip #3: Where’s the Light?

    If you’re not shedding a lot of natural light in your home, you are not living the Indonesian inspired lifestyle. Keeping a well-lit home throughout the day keeps the plants thriving and illuminates all of your attractive handmade home ornaments. There is nothing better than enjoying a quiet morning in your clean living room with a hot cup of coffee or tea, and just basking in the morning light.

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