Best Decors from Indonesia

Indonesian decor in your home, office, or any suitable location will enhance your living space with the rich culture of Indonesia. Say goodbye to drab decorations and hello to the elegant natural aesthetics of the Indonesian dwelling place. Hand-carved wood, colorful traditional motifs, exquisite wall ornaments enhance any space with traditional and organic materials. Here are some ideas influenced by the rich artistic and cultural heritage of Indonesia:


Indonesian Wooden Masks

Topeng dance masks are Indonesian wooden masks ritually worn in ornately costumed theatrical performances. You can bring that legacy of art and culture into your favorite space as a wall ornament. The masks, made of hand-carved wood and intricately dyed Batik motifs can adorn any bedroom, kitchen, living room, office space, and more.


Batik Patterns

Batik patterns embellish unique and captivating decor from Indonesia. When working with cloth, the Indonesian Batik technique is a pattern that involves hot dye-resistant wax and soaking the cloth in dye. Once the wax is removed, the undyed lines contrast with the colorful pattern. When working with wood or leather artisans work use hand tools for creating the lines, patterns and dots with direct application of dye for color. Pattern and color schemes can be chosen to match and enhance any room!


Wayang Kulit

Wayang puppets also make for wonderful wall decor you can use to bring color and culture into your spaces. The puppets are used in traditional shadow theaters in Java, Indonesia.

Wayang Kulit puppets are finely carved from the hide of water buffalo and painted in an array of colorful patterns. The Indonesian puppets are expertly and uniquely crafted in different color tones that can match a variety of different room textures.


Wayang Kayu

Wayang Kayu puppets are carved from Albesia wood and painted in soft earth tones. The soft earth tones will inspire a more traditional Indonesian flare. Wooden structures and accent pieces are a very popular Indonesian decor trend, so consider all the possibilities of incorporating naturalistic and organic materials into your spaces.



Indonesian artisans use wood not just to create puppets and shadow masks, but also to create one-of-a-kind vanity decor items to bring nature into your spaces. Wood carving is a well-developed art form in Indonesia, especially in Central Java and Bali, which are renowned for their wood carving art. Incorporating wooden furniture, flooring, and objects will bring an elegant ethnic Indonesian ambiance to the room.


Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry boxes and decorative containers made of Albesia wood can be bought in pairs to display in spectacular form. The Batik motifs will bring hand dye-painted colorful art to any space.


Hand Mirrors

Hand mirrors are similarly handcrafted with nuanced differences and Batik patterns to give each piece its personality. Dewi only does business with the most exceptional artisans in Indonesia, and every hand mirror is trimmed with tropical patterns and many with a striking wajah (face in Indonesian) on the back.


Choose Dewi Artisans International

Dewi Artisans International only works with genuine and ethical crafters across the Archipelago of Indonesia. Our artisans create genuine and traditional decor with natural materials. We only do business with manufacturers and suppliers who pay decent wages and provide adequate and safe working environments.


Product quality, customer service, and business integrity are of the utmost importance to us. We donate a portion of every sale to charities that fight poverty and disease throughout the world. Purchasing a product also means receiving a pamphlet full of the history and culture associated with the product.